Monday, 17 November 2008

All things are practically packed, bike stripped down and in its flightcase. The trailer's also stripped down and almost packed, just holding off for the last odds n sods. Looks like I've managed to squeeze the whole lot into the 23kg allowance + bike + hand luggage. Well, ok the hand luggage weighs quite a bit, but I've got everything in there, including the kitche sink. Only 3 and a half days left.

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  1. JonO, I'd love to cycle a couple of sections with you. Unfortunately I'm icebound. I hired a bike in Pucon a while back and had a fabulous day cycling around the Chilean Lake district with a couple of Dutch friends. I'd very much like to do it again. We made use of the hot springs in the area for a nice relaxing soak after a day in the saddle. I'll be passing through Punta Arenas on 5th Feb 2009, unfortunately much too late to join you on that gruelling slog up to Puerto Natales.

    Best Wishes,