Thursday, 20 November 2008

Last evening at home

My last evening at home has arrived. It seemed so far away when I started counting the weeks down, 16 , 15 .... Thankfully the planning has helped, and probably for the first time ever I've got all my bags packed before the final hours.
I decided I couldn't do without my sleeping bag liner, a nice cotten afair. I remember the last time I used my lightweight sleeping bag, which is a pretty compact mountain range bag, has a synthetic inner. It sticks and is uncomfortable against the skin. So the cotton bag liner has had to be added. I also received a small compact stainless steel trowel, with folding handle. Someone must think I'll be gardening whilst in the wilds. Still I may find a use, so that's in too. I also considered my TENS machine, great for relaxing stiff muscles. Then there was the multitool. I think you will be getting the picture by now.
I applied the last strap down on the trailer come bag. The scales came out & somehow I'd added over 2kg. I was now 1.8 kg over weight. At £36 a kilo and talk of a credit crunch, the cash would be better off in my pocket than someone elses. So I ended up stripping the bag down, jetisoned a few bits and now I'm only 800g over. I can't loose my liner, I'll miss it too much, besides it was only a quid at a car boot so I'll jetison that to some good cause before I return. As for the bulbs I'll plant along the route, I've also kept the trowel.
So just had my last supper. Susy kindly took me out to La Tasca. I'd to drive so I couldn't get wasted on Sangria. Mind you I don't think I missed anything, it tasted like cheap red wine and lemonade. My home made wine's nicer, but I'll also have to miss that for a good month. Just hope that the cheap plonk they make in Chile and Argentina is ok. I'm sure it will be.

So as all's packed, I've added my last entry before I head out. Updates are likely to be sporadic, mainly dependant on me finding habitation in the wild pampas and steppes.

Hasta Luego

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