Friday, 19 December 2008

La Junta, Sta Rosa, Chaiten a Pto Montt

After staying at La Junta we set off for Sta Lucia, where Bert would head for Esquel and I would head for Chaiten. The roads were improving, sadly the weather continued to rain.
We found an excellent camp area south of Sta Lucia. In the morning we did another 3km before Bert turned East.

I headed for Chaiten and soon found ash. I had onlt 80 km to do in two days so I took ny time.
I camped at the side of the road, not for the first time. The ash from the volcano was gritty and similar to white sand.
I´ve seen trailers, even rail carriages, but never a plane in someone´s back yard.
The pictures say it all...

The current journey is pretty much over now. I´m in Pto Montt now and searching for lunch.

Apologies for lack of updates, but there has been no Internet until now!

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