Friday, 19 December 2008

Quelat, Puyuhapi, La Junta

I went to see the glacier, but a wrong turning, and a shorter walk than planned meant I onlt got a glimpse. It wasn´t that good really, I´ve seen glaciers.....

Bert and I road north now towards Puyuhapi. We were held up nearly two hours at one of the constructions sites. Still having made Puyuhapi by 1, we met Dave from England, another cyclist. There were more cyclists every day! I had the best Salmon I have ever had at a German style restaurant.
The next day Bert and I headed for La Junta and hopefully beyond no road works! The weather was changing, what had been crystal clear skies were now changing to cloudy rain bearing skies.
La Junta was somewhere to miss, other than buy food. Another 10km and wild camping would have been the better option.

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